Boulder seeks applicants for 10-member marijuana advisory panel

By Alex Burness


Staff Writer

POSTED:   12/14/2015 08:14:05 PM MST | UPDATED:   A DAY AGO


Boulder is seeking applicants for 10-member advisory panel that will make recommendations about city policy on a variety of marijuana issues, including public consumption, advertising, and the co-location of medical and recreational sales.

The idea for the panel grew out of cannabis business owners' attempts to amend city pot laws, which were developed to curb the free-for-all that followed the 2009 debut of medical marijuana dispensaries. Those in the industry have often complained that Boulder hasn't keep pace with the evolution of state pot laws.

(City Council) is very interested in hearing from the community about what the marijuana industry should look like in Boulder," City Manager Jane Brautigam said.

"It's time to focus our efforts on standards that ensure a safe industry, and the role marijuana businesses play in the community."

According to a city spokesman, the advisory panel will include representatives of marijuana consumers and marijuana businesses; the Boulder Valley School District; the University of Colorado; the Chamber of Commerce; physical and mental health experts specializing in youth development; an attorney who has represented pot businesses; and an individual familiar with state regulations, who will serve as an ex-officio member.