Santa Claus Petitions North Pole to Legalize Marijuana (Seriously)



06/03/2015 AT 04:45 PM EDT

Although Alaska voted in favor oflegalizing marijuana in November, it was still up to individual towns to decide whether or not possession of cannabis for any adult at least 21 years old would be legal. 

Monday night, the North Pole city council met to decide the fate of marijuana in Santa Claus's hometown. And Santa himself showed up to weigh in. 

A North Pole resident whose legal name is Santa Claus showed up at the North Pole's City Council meeting and dropped his two cents. "As far as the image goes here at North Pole, how do most people perceive Santa Claus?" Claus said. "I would say Santa Claus is a pretty jolly fellow." 

"I am a medical marijuana patient," Claus continued. "I would like to have access to medical marijuana here in North Pole and not have to travel to Fairbanks to get it." 

Eventually, an ordinance to ban marijuana dispensaries by Councilwoman Sharron Hunter was voted down, 5-2. 

"Really letting the market dictate where it goes is a more appropriate setting," Ward said. "If shops opened up here, if it's something this community doesn't want, people aren't going to shop there." 

Claus could not be reached for further comment.