NugRun Is the NatureBox for Cannabis

With the explosion of legal marijuana in this country, April 20th of 2016 was a big day for cannabis startups. From a Zappos for smoking accessories to a Tinder for stoners, there were dozens of companies that staked their claim and made an impression on the smokers of the world. But one startup launched their product on the special day, hoping to bring curated cannabis boxes to marijuana connoisseurs around the world.

NugRun, the Sacramento, CA-based startup, is using the medical marijuana laws in California to create a new way to enjoy cannabis. They provide customers with the NugBox, a customizable box with pre-rolled joints and cannabis-infused candies inside. You even get to choose to purchase an eighth of marijuana or a vile of concentrated product at the same price. By taking a more artisanal approach to the marijuana industry, customers get access to higher quality product while enjoying the convenience of an at-home delivery system. But users beware: you can only have the NugBox delivered three times per month.

Don’t have your medical marijuana card? Not a problem! NugRun provides services that allow customers to acquire their card through video call! With help from HelloMD, the leading online platform for medical marijuana card procurement, potential patrons need only to fill out a short form, partake in a video chat and start ordering.

“The average wait-time to see a doctor is 8 minutes,” says the HelloMD website. “The average doctor consultation takes 10 minutes. The entire process, from medical records to recommendation takes 20 minutes.”

For foodies, the creation of NatureBox was a blessing, as it provided curated boxes of organic snacks that made tastebuds beg for more. NugRun is attempting to capture the same market. Not only do they provide cannabis to your front door in a stylish box, they are also cultivating a marijuana experience by pairing certain strains with complementary terpene profiles; allowing users to enjoy more flavorful types of marijuana.

While the potential worth of the burgeoning cannabis industry remains a mystery, startups are not wasting time in making it to the market with their ideas,particularly because more states are likely on the way. And because the government remains on the fence about how to approach this previously illegal drug, entrepreneurs have hit the ground running in hopes of making a lasting impression before the rug gets pulled out from under them. After all, it’s going to be hard to make something illegal when Silicon Valley is overrun with cannabis startups.