MADRONE FARMS Small Farm, Big Plans

By: Shasta Nelson Photo: Courtesy of Madrone

Madrone Farms is a medical collective of twenty-three cannabis farms in Mendocino, Humboldt, and Sonoma counties. Their marijuana is available all the way down to the Bay Area, and recently the quality of their flower has caught the eye of companies like O.pen Vapes and the concentrate company French Laundry. I spoke with Nat, one of the founding members and he shared with me a little about the underlying philosophy of the collective, as well as their growing techniques.

“We’re aggregating small farms to create quality medication,” he tells me. “The culture already exists up here; we are the culture. Madrone just gave it an outlet and a name.”

The team at Madrone Farms

Incorporated in 2015, Madrone Farms quickly expanded from a handful of farmers to the large network it is today. By keeping farms small and plentiful they are able to maintain artisan-quality marijuana, while also supplying large quantities and a wide variety as other, larger, farms do. With the looming threat of “corporate cannabis,” this method of production may be the best way for small farms to survive the fast-growing and competitive market.

Madrone Farms is dedicated to clean farming practices, and the highest level of environmental awareness. To help maintain these standards they’ve recently become TCC certified, which is an innovative new program by the Cannabis Conservancy to ensure that growing practices are ethical, sustainable, and fair for workers. When I compliment Nat and tell him I think what they’re doing is awesome he shrugs, “We’re just making sure to live what we believe.”

Cannabis plant at Madrone Farms

Their endless pursuit of the best growing practices, community-based approach to production and consistent release of quality strains make Madrone stand out among the many gardens in Northern California. Really, what more could you ask for from a collective than compassion, fairness, honesty, and dank bud? You can find Madrone Farms’ cannabis at Green Door, Barbary Coast and many more locations in the Bay Area. If you’re down to support this awesome collective, give it a try!