A New Stoner Comedy Has an Interesting Marketing Technique

New Indie Stoner Comedy Giving Out Free Weed to Try and Get Seen


By Tom Teodorczuk April 27, 2017

New indie comedy One Week and a Day, which opens tomorrow, is a stoner shiva tragicomedy about Eyal, a father who responds to his twentysomething son’s death by stealing his bag of medical marijuana and developing a passion for air guitar. Director Asaph Polonsky has been called the Israeli Larry David.

The movie has got good reviews and premiered at the Cannes Film Festival. But anxious to make One Week and a Day pop out of the movie calendar and not sink without trace,  its distributor Oscilloscope Laboratories has come up with a new strategy: give out free weed to their social media followers in a competition to attract attention to the film.

In an Instagram post headlined ‘FREE WEED’, Oscilloscope wrote:  “We’re giving away pot!…Do you have cataracts? Sleep apnea? Just like to get blitzed?

“We got you. Just comment with your location to enter. If you know anyone else that likes weed, maybe tell them, too? Selected winners must reside in a state where the stuff can be purchased legally. There’s obviously all kinds of strings on this but it’s not a joke. Just enter and we’ll work it out.”

Marijuana is not widely renowned as a spur to attract people into movies and the initiative has met with a muted response since it was announced 48 hours ago. However, it’s worth noting that most of those who have signed up to get the weed live in Seattle or California.

Doesn’t look like giving out free pot will result in One Week and a Day beating Guardians of the Galaxy 2 at the box office just yet…