Stoners Need Gadgets and Toys Too, 7 of the Best for Weed Lovers

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7 High End Products For Guys Who Love Weed

By Brittney Sanger May 2, 2017

These days, men can toke in style rather than look like total burnouts, proving that the herb isn’t just for the dudes that live in mom’s basement. To honor all of the guys out there getting high while getting shit done, here are seven high-end weed items for the guys.

1. Tanner Goods Herb Grinder, $90

Not only can you grind your buds with this nifty little device, but you can also store them in it, too. Made right in Portland, Oregon, this grinder by Tanner Goods uses Neodymium magnets to hold everything together. That means you can take it apart to separate your ganja. Or, you can stack it together for easy transport.

2. Monitaly Super OG Kush Shorts, $295

These aren’t your typical shorts covered in pot leaves. Made from 100% cotton, the Monitaly Super OG Kush Shorts are both stylish and comfortable. Unlike most clothes for pot-smokers, these don’t scream “I smoke weed,” making them perfect for the discreet cannabis consumer.

3. Three Plant System, $1,750

Even growing pot from home has gotten fancier over the years. And thanks to the the Three Plant System, it’s also become much more simple. You can control the settings from your phone using the device’s free app. And while you wait, you’ll receive notifications to keep you updated on the progress of your plants.

4. Apothecanna Sexy Time personal intimacy oil, $52

Whether you’re living the single life or have a partner in crime, Apothecanna’s Sexy Time intimacy oil will turn up the heat. After massaging it gently on the neck, chest, or other areas 15 minutes before intimacy, you’ll soon notice an increase in blood flow and sensitivity.

5. SilverStick Leather Kit, $75

If you’re a busy man that stays on-the-go, then behold the SilverStick Leather Kit. This convenient kit comes with a one-hitter and cap. Not to mention, a stainless steel poker, airtight container, and 25 all-natural cotton filters.

In case you need a quick hit of the herb while you’re out and about, the SilverStick Leather Kit is small enough to slide in and out of your pocket.

6. LEVO Oil Infuser, $199.99

You’ve got to love a guy that can cook, especially if it’s with cannabis. If you happen to be a ganja chef or wish to become one, then check out the LEVO Oil Infuser, a machine that infuses oil and butter with a touch of a button. It’s also dishwasher-safe and easy to clean, which is always a plus.

7. The Pollen Gear Glass Collection, N/A

Do you have little ones running around the house? If so, these child-resistant glass jars by Pollen Gear will keep your weed nugs safe and secure. They also water-resistant, smell-proof, and come in a variety of sizes and finishes.