The Anniversary of the First Dispensary in NH

 Photo Credit: 7raysmarketing

Photo Credit: 7raysmarketing

Sunday marks anniversary of first medical marijuana dispensary open in NH

Industry experts look back on the year


DOVER, N.H. —Sunday marks the one-year anniversary of medical marijuana dispensaries opening in the state of New Hampshire.

Industry experts say while it's definitely a benchmark, there is more work to be done.

Dr. Gary Woods, a board member of Temescal Wellness in Dover and Lebanon, said the sense in the medical cannabis community is that there clearly has been a benefit to legalizing marijuana for medicinal use but the system still needs improvement.

He said some doctors are still hesitant to recommend patients for medical marijuana because of the need for more scientific data and evidence behind its usage.

Overall though, he said, education is perhaps the most important part of improving the system and thinking toward medical marijuana.

"The medical community is still learning as well. And I think the industry, so to speak, is learning as well," Woods said. "And I think the state from the regulatory part has learned a lot. They're always criticized, but I think for the most part, given the complexity, the social background, and the scientific realm, I think they've done a very good job in New Hampshire of getting it right."