Is There a Difference Between Medical and Recreational Cannabis?

What’s the Difference Between Medical and Recreational Cannabis?

From a philosophical standpoint there is no difference between medical and recreational cannabis. Medical marijuana doesn’t contain additional healing properties when compared to recreational. The matters of price, opinion, end- consumer and state law generally serve as the discerning factors when classifying cannabis. Medical, recreational and adult use only became part of the lexicon after over 10,000 years of cannabis use by humankind. Prior to that the plant wasn’t demonized or politicized; it simply grew along with civilization.

This is not to say all cannabis is created equally. It starts from the same place with good intentions but may be corrupted at any point from seed to sale or personal consumption. Poorly grown, unflushed, improperly cured, ditch weed best served being burnt off in a pile with other garbage is available both legally and illegally across the country. Millions and millions of noobs, boobs and rubes taking whatever they can get to the head oblivious to the wonders of high-grade premium that “just want to get high, man” will likely continue to purchase $60 eights from the homie until the homie gets sacked.

For those serious about a wellness regimen that includes a prodigious deal of cannabis use, procuring a steady supply of quality flower or concentrates grown and produced by reputable people is highly suggested. There is little doubt that cannabis is an integral component and valuable tool for success. Its legal status at the federal level places it among the world’s most lethal drugs despite having no known lethal dose. Hypocrisy and ignorance motor the engine of the war on drugs. No concern should be given to whether or not cannabis is legal; only that it is good for you.

Cannabinoid therapy

Marijuana is good for you in the same way that sunshine is, only it doesn’t cause cancer like that great ball of fire. It makes you feel better about yourself, the people around you, being alive and the prospect that things won’t always be totally miserable and demoralizing. Helping to bring emotions to surface without bitterness and deceit, cannabis is able to relieve anxiety, depression and stress within minutes of intake.

If laughter is indeed the best medicine then cannabis is the top delivery agent. Alone or with company, enjoying cannabis can bring on great delight, wide smiles and bellies full of laughter. Innocuous jokes or mundane stories suddenly breathe new life as cannabis resurrects them. Getting together with family in celebration or mourning becomes a chucklefest when a sneaky cousins or family friend brings their stash to the gathering.

Arguments against recreational sales of marijuana often acknowledge the merits of medical marijuana without the slightest hint of irony. Drug War veterans populate the highest ranks of the criminal justice system and government ramming fear based, biased and dated information down the collective throat of America. Statements from the United States top lawmaker that promotes marijuana as only slightly less awful than heroin impedes progress and removes all credibility from the administration (as if it’s hard to do).

Strict indifference towards the square and passé policies put forth amid increasing acceptance of cannabis in the world today is the best course of action until we get things back in order.