Upgrade Your Smoke Life to Classy

 May 30, 2017

May 30, 2017


Cannabis can be enjoyed in a pipe, as an edible, or even as a concentrate atop a shiny battery, but a joint or blunt remains the most common way to share your preferred strain among a group without the need for tools or technology (aside from fire, of course). But even if the structure of a joint hasn’t changed, it’s high time for this consumption method to receive a well-deserved upgrade to serve a more discerning (and frankly, habitual) cannabis consumer.
Phuncky and glass or metal blunt tips take an integral part of the joint/blunt structure, the crutch, and enhance it with functionality and personalization. Many tips have built-in screens or ash catchers to filter out any “Scooby snacks” that become dislodged during a given smoking session. The aesthetic flare of these tips range from the purely functional, clear-glass versions to branded 24k gold tips for ballers looking to burn both bud and Benjamins.
Joint and blunt tips may seem like ultra-specific products to invest in, but when the pipe is clogged or you’re heading to a party, the shortest distance between you, your friends, and cannabis enjoyment is usually a joint or blunt. This accessory has longevity (assuming you don’t chuck it out in a moment of absentmindedness) and can save you money in the long run—by using a blunt tip, you don’t waste as many rolling papers or cannabis since you can smoke your herb all the way to the filter.

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If a rolly or an L is your preferred method of consumption, consider classing up up your cannabis smoking experience with the addition of a tip. Not only can you customize your sesh with different designs, tips are also a nice, relatively inexpensive gift for your friends.