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City Spliff Product Highlights - Spliffin

Welcome, today we're checking out the “Spliffin Gold Starter Pack” vape pen kit and Cartridge. 

The Spliffin product line is available online at www.spliffin.comThey offer a variety of strains and options to choose from including “Tangie”, “Donna OG”, “Dante's Fire”, “Spliffin OG” and “Super Lemon Haze”. They also feature “Spliffin Blends” for more novice users which offers a more mild experience and a lighter dose of THC. Check out their website for more details.

The Spliffin Gold Starter Pack came with an elegant gold protective case, USB charger and a slot for you to store a cartridge. Spliffin style really stands apart when compared to your average protective traveling case. The e-slim battery is very modern and sleek featuring an illuminating manual push button with the trademarked Spliffin logo. The cartridge also has one of the most unique and modern mouthpiece styles.  This style is very comfortable and offered a more secure feeling lip placement than some vape pens we've tried, it made for a comfortable and smooth draw but make sure and follow us to see how it holds up over time.

As far as smoking goes, the hits are incredibly smooth, effective and flavorful! We were lucky enough to find this gold pack at a local dispensary for about $25 dollars ** Prices may vary** and the .5 ml Cartridge cost us around $40 **Prices may vary** Here are our initial pro's for the "Spliffin Gold Starter Pack" and “Pure” Cartridges:

  • First, the style... It feels a bit more sophisticated than your average vape pen. The mouthpiece adds a special elegance that plastic counterparts just cannot replicate.
  • Second, the hits are incredibly smooth, aromatic and effective! The effect can hit you quite fast and surprisingly strong… you may feel the effect almost right away after just 1 or 2 drags.
  • Third, Spliffin offers something you don't usually find, a  30 day limited warranty! Check website for details. 

Overall, we recommend Spliffin products to anyone looking for a effective, more sophisticated and stylish vape experience.

Thanks again for checking out City Spliff Product Highlights. 

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