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City Spliff Product Highlights - Mighty Med Vape

Welcome, today we're checking out the "Mighty Med Vape pen" and the .6 ml Sativa Cartridge. 

The Mighty Med Vape product line is available online at They offer only 3 different cartridge flavors: Indica, Sativa and Hybrid. On there website they have an interesting extra called the "Mighty Mist Spray" which claims a 300 mg per vial and about 10 mg per spray but check out their website for more details.

The pen kit comes with an aluminium style protective case. Included is a USB charger and a slot for you to store an extra cartridge. The design and feel of the vape pen is sleek and stylish, highlighted by the scarlet red e-slim battery and an illuminating manual push button. The cartridge also has a nice modern look to it with the "M" logo and golden oil.

The flattened mouthpiece makes for a comfortable and smooth draw but make sure to follow us so you can check out how it stands up to a few weeks of use. As far as smoking goes, the hits are smooth and clean tasting. Mighty Med Vape claims over 70% THC in their .6 ml High-Potency cartridge. Here are some of our initial pro's for the Mighty Meds Pen Kit and Sativa Cartridge.

  • First, the cost of the pen kit. We found this at a local dispensary for about $20 dollars. The .6ml cartridge on the other hand ranged from $35-$40 (prices may vary). We thought that was reasonable considering it's reusable and doesn't require constant cleaning plus you can pretty much bring it anywhere you want when traveling.

  • Second, the hits are smooth and not at all harsh on the draw or when exhaling... very pleasant. The .6 ml vs. the usual .5 ml you see from other companies is a nice incentive but stay tuned to see how the cartridge lasts over a full week of use.

We recommend the Mighty Med Vape pen to anyone looking for a sleek and stylish vape pen however it would be nice if they offered a few more flavors to choose from other than Indica, Sativa and Hybrid. We'll keep you posted on any new additions they might add though.

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