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City Spliff Product Highlights - Genius Pipe

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Today we're going to be checking out the "Genius Pipe". 

The Genius Pipe product line is available online at They feature many different styles of pipes online to choose from, we're checking out the green "liberation" pipe for today's highlight. Genius Pipe showcases a uniquely designed collection of pipes made from high grade anodized aluminum alongside tested Dimple Technology - which is said to provide a cooler experience every time you smoke. The Genius Pipe ranges from $89.99 to $249.99 depending on the model you choose and comes with a 100% money back guarantee within 30 days, check out there website for more details

The innovative design immediately grabs your attention. The chrome finish and sleek design really stand out as soon as you see one of these. At first glance, you're not quite sure what you're even looking at until you really inspect it closer or someone tells you flat out... it's a pipe. The Genius Pipe comes with a small black carrying bag that fits it perfectly and offers a
nice protective barrier from the elements and unwanted debris. It's nice because it keeps any smells locked inside  also when not in use.

The top of the pipe slides down to come off allowing access to the bowl. The whole pipe is magnetized and is easy to handle and comfortable to open and close. The top cover effortlessly attaches to the magnetized underbelly of the pipe. Opening the Genius Pipe for cleaning is as easy as swiping open your locked smartphone screen, just use a little more force and revealed inside is the technology behind the cooler and cleaner smoke experience. Each dimple captures tar and cools down the air on every drag, flowing over 2,000 dimples. As far as smoking goes the hits are very smooth and surprisingly full. The pipe has a hole for the mouthpiece and bowl but no carb hole so we found inhaling the free flowing air similar to inhaling a normal breath vs. a suctioned or pulled drag if that makes any sense. 

Here are our initial pro's for the "Genius Pipe" First, the innovative style and design. Having a sleek, magnetized, non breakable pipe like this in your personal collection is a definite plus and must have. If you ever wanted a pipe so incredibly easy to clean and maintain
than the Genius Pipe is perfect for you. 

Second, the hits... the hits are very smooth but what I really appreciated about them was the lack of debris and buildup of any tars or ash around the mouthpiece. This pipe comes with a screen, thankfully keeping out most of the debris and ash you might inhale at times with a screen-less glass counterpart. I was glad that after as many puffs there was virtually zero tar buildup near the mouthpiece, the only tar buildup was near the actual bowl but be sure to follow us to see how it holds up over a longer period of time Overall, we'd recommend the Genius Pipe to anyone looking for a unique, innovative and durable piece of smoking equipment. Be sure to follow more product highlights as we'll keep you posted on any new products they might add and DON'T forget to use the PROMO CODE: CitySpliff for a 25% discount. 

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