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City Spliff Product Highlights - Bumblebee Vape

Welcome to City Spliff Product Highlights. We're checking out the Bumblebee Disposable Vape. 

Bumblebee Vape products are available online at They featured around 18 different strains online but we only got to try out the Headband strain. This disposable vape pen comes with 1000 mg compared to the frequently found 500 mg or less. Checkout the website too if you want to see a strain specific certificate of analysis by SC Labs.

The Bumblebee Vape comes with pretty attractive packaging. They stay true to the bumblebee theme showcasing a striped black and yellow box with a reflective honeycomb pattern within the black stripes. The actual device features appealing black and grey honeycomb styling with the Bumblebee logo down the side. No manual push button to use of course when taking a hit, the disposable version automatically begins heating up when you take a drag illuminating the glowing red tip of the battery. 

The design feels light yet secure and solid leaving very little room for leaks but be sure to follow us to see how it holds up over time. As far as smoking goes, the hits were very smooth and aroma packed. We were lucky enough to find this disposable vape during the Potluck Expo in San Diego, they run about $40 dollars. ***prices may vary***

Here is our initial impressions for the Bumblebee Vapes disposable pen... 

First, the brand and packaging is again very attractive and appealing with the bumblebee colors, stripes and hidden honeycombs. The actual pen also gets cool points for being just as aesthetically pleasing and feeling very light yet durable. With this bumblebee vape pen you don't really worry about it breaking, leaking or wasting battery life.

Second, even though the un-removable cartridge doesn't provide a gauge to check oil levels, it lasted us a relatively long time compared to some others which was a definite thumbs up.

Third, Bumblebee Vapes gives there consumers plenty of strains to choose from... so many in fact we barely scratched the surface of what they truly offer. Our Headband strain had a very strong aroma and smooth pleasant gradual effect. Follow us as we bring you more highlights on the many strains Bumblebee Vape brings to the budding market. 

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