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CitySpliff Product Highlights - Alpine Live Resin

As the medical cannabis industry blossoms, new and innovative products are finding their way onto dispensary shelves giving patients multiple options to choose from for medication. A highlight of cannabis innovation over the past few years has been the vapor cartridge. Convenient for its neutral look and lack of cannabis odor, vaping has become an option for those looking to be inconspicuous when trying to medicate. The market today has many different options to choose from, however, Alpine stands out from the pack.


Alpine initially made a name for themselves with their solvent-free concentrates. Taking their knack for flavor and potency a step further, Alpine developed a live resin concentrate for use in a vapor cartridge. Now, live resin is a form of cannabis concentrate that is higher in flavor profiles and terpenes therefore it tends to taste better than lesser quality concentrates. Terpenes are simply the hydrocarbon components of the plant that give it its smell. Live resin is made from fresh flowers that are taken right from the cannabis plant before they have a chance to cure. Alpine’s live resin concentrate is solvent-less, rather than made with butane. This constitutes a product that, from the point of view of the cannabis connoisseur, is clean and more closely reminiscent of smoking cannabis flower rather than a concentrated cannabis oil.


The cartridge is constructed of steel with a Pyrex glass tank for durability. The design is also great from an aesthetic standpoint, display the lovely golden color of the cannabis oil in the tank. The threading of the cartridge is 510, although it is suggested that a battery with an adjustable voltage is used to ensure even vaporizing when being used. Each individual cartridge is also tested by SC Labs for THC, CBD and CBN content, down to the tenths of a decimal point. Therefore, each patient is confident in what they’re getting from each cartridge.


Alpine Live Resin cartridges are an amazing choice for the patient who needs to medicate inconspicuously. No other product will deliver the combination of potency, flavor, and experience found in these cartridges.