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CitySpliff Product Highlights - RollsChoice Adhesive Pen

Welcome to City Spliff Product Highlights. Today we're going to be checking out the RollsChoice Adhesive Pen. You can find the RollsChoice Adhesive Pen website here.

What is it?

The RollsChoice adhesive pen is a fairly recent product that has been gaining traction and popularity among all types of smokers and rolling enthusiasts. Its primary purpose is to eliminate the need to apply saliva to your paper when sealing it to complete the rolling process. The pen seems like a no brainer when it comes to any type of social setting where several people will be sharing a smoke. This includes events such as parties, secret sesh's or your typical related conventions. 


How does it work?

The adhesive pen, in appearance, is somewhat reminiscent of a Sharpie pen style liquid highlighter that almost all of us have seen before, and presents itself in an easy to carry form factor.

It is operated by taking off the cap to expose the brushed tip and then turning the dial on the opposite end clockwise until the brush becomes saturated with the adhesive liquid. It is then applied in a painter’s fashion to the exposed area where one would otherwise lick to seal. The bond forms rather quickly, and with a little bit of pressure, your cigar/smoke is completely primed for blissful consumption.

Oh, yea?

Yes indeed! Over the past few weeks, we've been putting this wonderfully unique product to use in our regular routine with some very pleasing results. One might view the concept of using a separate utensil for such a specific and seemingly menial task like sealing their smokeable creations to be a bit convoluted and a bit more cumbersome than its worth.

The reality however is that it realistically, only adds a dismissable few seconds longer to implement its functionality into your regular technique. The adhesive pen is quite easy to get a feel for very early on once picking it up. We found it equally accessible regardless of which hand you hold it in, as you sometimes find yourself alternating between hands depending on the type of stogie you're preparing.

Anything Else?

Well, we've covered the basics, but we do feel it's worth noting that you can also use the RollsChoice adhesive pen for more unconventional means. Something we caught onto about the pen is that it works great to seal openings on more elaborate projects such as cross joints and blunts.

Previously, we used the gummed strips from other papers to wrap around any suspicious looking areas that may inhibit proper burning. With the adhesive, simply apply a liberal amount to any suspect areas, and they will seal right up. It’s like Mighty Putty for cigars!

Speaking of gummed strips, it is also worth mentioning that there are A LOT of smokers who detest the taste and or sensation of licking any gummed adhesive strips, even with the all-natural solutions. So much so, that some companies have introduced gum less variants of their most popular brands. Although personally we're indifferent to the matter, we totally see how the adhesive pen is a godsend for people who prefer no gum on their papers.

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