CitySpliff Product Highlights - L.A. Island inc. Canned Cannabis

Welcome to CitySpliff Product Highlights. Today we're checking out "the first canned cannabis" by L.A. Island inc. est 4.20.10. You can find more information online at They feature 3 different strains to choose from - Isla O.G., Isla Hybrid, and the Original O.G. We're checking out all 3 strains for this product highlight.

The first strain we checked out was the Isla O.G. It contains approximately 3.6 g of
"the finest medicinal cannabis around." The beautifully nostalgic Polynesian scene immediately conveys feelings of relaxation and chill island vibes. Vibrant, eye catching messaging envelopes the baseball size aluminum can. **clearly directed at authorized CA medical marijuana patients. 

When you first pop open a can, the smell is quite strong. A very powerful aroma hits your nose right away. The pungent o.g. musk, mixed with a slightly sweet citrus, skunk flavor starts to fill the air around you. The Isla o.g. is also quite sticky due to all the preserved trichomes and very little handling from people. 

Our Isla Hybrid was a very frosty, dense, aromatic and perfectly trimmed set of nugs. Pick out any bud and inspect it with minimal effort and you'll find it covered in highly cherished fuzzy THC trichomes. Like its two counterparts, the Original O.G. flaunts an impeccable smell, sticky trichome covered nugs, carefully trimmed buds and compelling brand messaging. The cannabis inside is Steep Hill Certified Cannabis - promoting the highest level of quality assurance for cannabis flowers, concentrates and infused products. Check them out at

Our initial impressions of L.A. Island inc's Canned cannabis were very positive. A couple of benefits stood out to us: 

First, by having your cannabis canned like this, you avoid the constant touching, manhandling, and jar shaking turbulence your buds could be going through. Your flowers remain untouched until YOU decide to pop open a can and inspect more. No one wants to lose all those precious trichomes.

Second... premium cannabis requires superior packaging. These are not your typical run of the mill plastic medication bottles that you usually get. No, these containers set a far higher presentation experience when compared to a simple, hand written sticker on a plastic medical prescription bottle. 

Having your cannabis air sealed, preserved and essentially still curing until your ready to open it and enjoy is what really sets this product apart. 

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