Synergy Mixed Berry Mints - A CitySpliff Product Highlight

As the cannabis industry continues to grow, more and more people are starting to see just how many cannabis products there are to medicate with & consume.

Dixie Elixir’s Synergy Mixed Berry Mints are a good example of the ever-growing edibles market. Inside a box is a cache of mints tucked neatly away into four equal foldouts. Each of the segments contain four mints lined up. Each of the 16 mints contains 5mg of THC and 5mg of CBD for a total of 80 mg of THC and 80 mg of CBD, totaling 160 mg of cannabinoids per box. 

They offer a pleasant taste that doesn’t distract with an overabundance of “weedy” flavor… more dominantly “berry” than it is “minty.” Dixie Elixir's offers other flavors such as Orange Awakening and Peppermint Relaxing Mints which can be viewed here.

These mints are about the easiest way to get your cannabinoid therapy on. Let it dissolve under your tongue and soon enough the mild and relaxing effects will kick in. These are good for someone who’s just starting out with thc/cbd edibles or who may have a lower tolerance. If you've tried these, please share your experience with us at

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