CitySpliff Product Highlight - Big Pete’s Medical Cannabis Cookies

            Cookies are a staple among edible cannabis products. It’d be a safe assumption to say that a lot of patients’ first experiences with edibles involved a cookie. It’s hard to say “No” to baked sweets, so the introduction of cannabis to the mix gives a whole new meaning to the word “munchies!” Perhaps Big Pete had that idea in mind when he conjured up his treats.

            Rewind in time back to 1979. Big Pete, a cannabis lover with a green thumb and some skill in the kitchen began experimenting with a canna-butter recipe. The Santa Cruz, CA native moved to Oahu, where for thirty years, he worked on his cannabis cultivation and butter-making techniques—to perfection. The butter is made using a slow-extraction technique that pulls all of the cannabinoids from the plant. This gives the butter what Big Pete calls a “full-spectrum effect.” This butter is then used in nine different cookie recipes giving patients a variety to choose from.

            The cookies have an amazing flavor, with no cannabis aftertaste. In fact, it is the flavor of the cookie that runs the show on the palette, making this a great choice for patients who do not enjoy a pronounced cannabis taste in their edibles. Each cookie is 20mg, with packaging containing either 6 cookies for 120mg or 10 cookies for 200mg. This dosing makes it easy for patients to manage their intake as necessary.

            Big Pete’s also does his part in giving back to the community by organizing beach clean-ups in his hometown of Santa Cruz thus extending a helping hand to the community he strives to serve by providing medical cannabis products. At present, Big Pete’s Medical Cannabis Cookies can be found in over 100 dispensaries throughout California. Between thirty years of extraction experience, quality products, and community service, Big Pete’s slogan modestly sums it all up—Cookies That Treat You Right!