CitySpliff Product Highlights - Cannabinoid Creations CBD Hemp Soda

When you think of the edible marijuana industry, it may appear that the only contenders in the market are those pitching cookies or other dessert edibles. But, there is a game changer that wants to shift the enthusiasm to beverages and CBD, their name is Cannabinoid Creations. Located in Michigan and helmed by Scott Leshman, Cannabinoid Creations was founded while Scott was recovering from a serious injury and managing his pain with high-dose prescriptions. Not wanting to use psychoactive properties, Scott succeeded in creating recipes using CBD hemp oil as a solution to his pain.

“I’m equal parts diligence and patience. I was learning the process of C02 CBD extraction in the early 2000’s, and now various extraction techniques are used to best suit the flavor profiles in each product.

Cannabinoid Creations' diligence in crafting the best product has paid off, and their innovative CBD hemp sodas have amazing flavor and therapeutic properties for anyone needing time off from the everyday pains in life. The flavors offered are the sweet and creamy Cartoon Cereal Crunch, the crisp and refreshing Tide HoneyDew Melon, and the tangy delicious Grape Limeade. Cannabinoid was smart in delivering three flavors because each has a separate gourmet-like flavor experience. The drinks are meant to provide a chill vibe after consumption, but I’m not sure of the exact CBD dosing in each bottle. If you aren’t a regular soda drinker but enjoy cocktails or beers, the High Tide HoneyDew Melon and Grape Limeade made great mixers for a summer hang out recently. The 7oz. bottles can be easily transported in a backpack or suitcase for on the go as well.

I was very impressed with the sodas when I got the chance to test each at the 2017 World Medical Cannabis Conference & Expo, and hearing Scott’s journey really delivered what his products are all about: delivering relief for pain, anxiety, or insomnia in a tasty and harmless way. We aren’t all suited to use THC for pain rehabilitation because of the psychoactive properties, and Cannabinoid Creations took that into consideration. The products can be shipped to all 50 states, and it should get the attention of those that need relief, but shy away from the words “marijuana” or “weed”.

Desmond Bentley