CitySpliff Product Highlights - FlavRX Sour Gummy Candy

           Not all edibles are created equal. It’s easy to get lost in the myriad of brownies, cookies and other sweets, wondering which product would do the job. It’s even easier to overdo it, perhaps absentmindedly eating the whole edible without properly grasping just how much cannabis is actually in it.

        Although it makes for a funny story later, it can turn off the new patient who felt overwhelmed by the experience. Even the most self-assured of cannabis connoisseurs regard edibles with a critical eye. In light of this, FlavRX is on to something with their sour gummy candy.

               In the past, FlavRX has made a name for itself with its vapor cartridges and concentrates. Their extraction process is among the top notch in the industry, utilizing no solvents to get raw cannabinoids of a high purity. Combining each extraction with terpene blends prepared on strain data, the final product is a potent concentrate free of contaminants, which shows in the edibles. The FlavRX name speaks for itself.

           These edibles have an amazing flavor that is unmatched by other products. The cannabis oil used in each candy does not distract with a strong aftertaste. In fact, there is a ghost of cannabis flavor, allowing for the candy itself to take over on the palette. The various flavors, such as peach rings, apple belts, gummy bears, and so on, give patients a variety to keep them coming back.

          There are ten individual pieces per bag with two different dosing options: ten 10mg pieces totaling 100mg of THC per package, or ten 25mg pieces totaling 250mg per package. This makes for easy dosing especially for a new patient who doesn’t have a grasp on their required dosing or tolerance. The re-sealable bag is designed to be compliant with regulations set by the State of California. These guys really know what they’re doing.

FlavRX Sour Gummy Candy is one the best cannabis products to hit dispensary shelves in a long time. Made with new patients and connoisseurs in mind, this is one edible that will not disappoint.