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Marijuana Mania Episode 4: Los Angeles

Executive Producer: Berner Produced by: Northbound Films Special thanks to Enas and Jungle Boys Subscribe to Berner's channel - Watch more exclusive content from Berner: Official music videos - The Big Pescado album stream - Berner's Bigger Business Series - Marijuana Mania - Follow Berner: Website - Twitter - Instagram - Facebook - Soundcloud -

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How Weed Legalization in California is Changing Cannabis Culture

Luxury cannabis products have emerged that cater to an elevated customer. The quintessential “stoner” stereotype is far outdated, and much like street wear over the past couple of years, something that was once “underground” is starting to find its footing and the beginning of an entirely new luxury consumer marketplace.

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COFFEESHOPS IN AMSTERDAM.. 2018!! 🇳🇱VLOGumentary: Weed, Drug Laws & Red Light District (Ep.3)

Its the ultimate Amsterdam Tour! We start off on the Ganja Tour and hit some coffeeshops, then check out the best lookout viewpoint of the city, grab some beers, another coffeeshop, then check out the red light district. All while learning a thing or two about the Amsterdam drug laws.

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