Pro-Dab Oil Vape Pods

  • Pro-Dab Vape Pods contain a 500 mg High Potency 90% THC oil filled cartridge.

  • All products are lab tested and pesticide free.

  • Push button or Draw pull options

  • Battery offers 4 temp settings

  • Auto shut off timer (helps conserve battery life)

Name of Business?: Pro Dab Oil

What year did you establish?: 2011

What State do you operate in? License #: CA

Write a brief description for your business profile.: Pro-Dab is a Southern California based Cannabis Company that was founded in 2011, starting with dab-pens and apparel. 

In August 2017 Pro-Dab introduced its new line of high potency THC oil available in ceramic cartridges for vaping.

The company currently sells and distributes third party tested high quality and high potency THC oil cartridges in 10 different strains or flavors

Pro-Dab oil is regarded as one of the best tasting and highest potency THC oils in the industry. 

The Pro-Dab name and logo are registered trademarks.

What's your website URL?:

What's your Email or Phone#?: (619) 250-0037